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Sept Submisssssssssion

I wish I could have posted one huge YT like Jasmine and headed off to Europe early in the month. Instead, I returned from DC on the 7th of Sept. behind the eight ball and struggled on the water for the next couple weeks. I beat my head against the cliffs three straight times for two pre-Moyer pm runs and then I still headed north for The Moyer with a crowd of 25 or so who seemed to all have the Hali skunk. I got bored with the bottom scratching and headed to the Glider Port then off into never-nver land chasing beautiful bait schools. As I was not as smart as Billy to realize Macs were a catagory unto themselves I decided to head south and soon realized my meter could actually read four digits. Found the crowd off the Condo and weaved my way thru the trolling lanes for a couple hours.

At around noon I decided to park and see if any WSB might still be left in LJ after our epic '10 season. I landed the below pictured 19 pounder around 1pm just before the 1:30pm scales closed at Kate Sessions. Although I seem to be rule challenged on this forum I do recall that fish caught on Moyer Day got a 10 point bonus. Well, I was an offical entrant with an incredible shirt to provie it. I do not recall any fine print about having to make the offical weigh-in? This guy could use a bonus he or she I could not tell was post spawn skinny.

September 2010WSBweight.JPG

September 2010WSBoverall.jpg

September 2010WSBhead.jpg

Just to make things more challenging for Adi once again I have a Yellowtail to submit as well. This one also has extra issues to share. 4am launch on Wednesday the 22nd as that was oringinally the final day of the International Yellowtail Derby. I had seen some lights on the water earlier in the week but no love for me on the squirts in the dark just one nice bite on the dead stuff. I decided to head-out to the grounds around 6am and nailed the below 23 pounder on an iron by 7am made it into work by 10am after a quick shower as I bleed it all over my boat. Derby actually ended on Sat. the 25th and I ended up 3rd for the second year in a row. Maybe, I should have kept the blood in her as I ended up only 6 oz. behind 2nd place. Now, what about a 10 point bonus for 3rd place on this guy? Actually, I may have had 3rd place in the Moyer as well so what about 20 points extra to make-up for some of my 100 points lost in March and May to my submisssssion issues? Back in May I did not think I would be in contention late in the year but I could use some more motivation to keep getting out there for the rest of the year. If I am allowed to enter next year I promise to try my best not to be the problem child once again.
September 2010YtWeigh-in.jpg
September 2010Overall.jpg

September 2010YtWeight.JPG

I apprecaite your consideration and patience with my lengthy submissions and if you might need a good motivation or spousal justification to take your kid fishing check-out the most recent edition of Kayak Fisherman magazine for my, "Passing on the Joys of Fishing to our Kids". Maybe, I should send a copy to the Governator's office as he seems to be dead set on letting his wife lead him into the liberal's HP nest. My son's MLPA speech was also included in the mag as well, Thanks again Tony. Lucas is sharing his pic and speech at school today.
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Nice, congrats!
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nice one good gob:luxhel lo:
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I say 1 extra point for the hat, and maybe a few more if you made that pic black and white!
they are getting bigger....
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Comin up STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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