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All those bused in kids had no reason to be there. And even more so they had no right to speak at all.
Most of those kids care more about Glee, Pop Tarts, Spoungebob, Vampire books, and thats after you have pryed there fingers off there Xbox controller...

There is nothing those kids said that either:
A. made sense
B. someone already didnt know
C. was anything but complete bullshit

It was a complete waste of our time. The MLPA comissions time, and complete waste of tax dollars on many levels

No matter what you say or how you act, the Kids will be returning back to there Teachers classrooms today, and tomorrow and they are going to be told that fisherman are mean.

Maybe the teachers will hit them with a little Joy Bayhard "The fisherman are against children"

Fisherman use bombs...

Maybe they watch some Whale Wars episodes in class... Or even have a PETA guest speaker visit the class.

You folks got to really go after the schools. The Teachers, and even the School District who was making gross acusations.
(Your not going to get Teachers Fired, trust me the Union wont allow any of that...)

But if you put the pressure up on the school principles, your going to put a stop to these field trips. You have to call screaming, yelling, and waving your hands. anything else will be ignored.
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Originally Posted by Gino View Post
All those bused in kids had no reason to be there.
I disagree; did you see how many kids were there holding up Prop 19 signs? They had a legitimate reason to take the day off school, to wear blue shirts, to get free pizza and to show their support for prop 19. Wait, was there something about the environment being discussed? They must have missed that, they were too busy texting.

I hope you can read the sarcasm that is oozing from my pores. As a teacher, I was yet again appalled by the sheer number of bored and uninterested kids who were forced to sit through another MLPA meeting. What happened to teaching the facts? If we can't teach religion in schools, why is it acceptable to push political agendas on young malleable minds?
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Old 10-21-2010, 10:33 PM   #143
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Let's be clear. Every kid there had every right to be there and to speak their piece, misinformed or not, just like seal lady. The teachers and administrators who permitted and organized it are another matter though. They should be under some serious scrutiny.
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Originally Posted by dmrides View Post
If we can't teach religion in schools, why is it acceptable to push political agendas on young malleable minds?
1st amendment, establishment clause.

But I agree that these kids are too young for politics. I think at least some of them were from private schools so the only remedy may be to try and inform their parents of what they are being taught. Some of the parents probably fish. If they were from public schools then there are always school board elections.

I did see at least 1 kid with a prop 19 sign which was hilarious. Shows you what their attention span is for the political process.
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Old 10-22-2010, 03:47 PM   #145
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1st amendment and the establishment clause are rather irrelevant.

Those kids in every other theater of life have no individual rights. If that was the case the kids could take there parents to court for punishing them for saying a bad word. Claiming first amendment. Doesnt make sense...where do you draw the line? the law has made it clear.

Now I think its rather silly that folks here have the idea that school kids have a right to participate in the public process when they arent the ones paying for it. Doesnt sound right does it.

Now if a kid shows up with his parent. Like some of the young men did for our side. Hes representing himself by admission of the parent, who is the rightfull owner of the child (as law puts it) So to me, thats cool.

The public comment meeting intented to get imput about the MLPA process and how the mapping conflicts with those using the resources. Its used to express public opinion. And its intention was to help guide the DFG commission / BRTF into making the right map decisions. Well yeah we didnt have that. and alot of it was ignored and just for show... But thats another issue.

Someone with some acual usefull information could have had time to speak... But no it was taken up by some kids spouting crap from there mouth.
Thats exactly why the kids were bused into the meeting. To balance out support for something that doesnt really have it (outside of funding). It was political Thuggery and nothing more.
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I'm glad those kids were able to talk about bombing the coral reefs. It showed that they (and by extension) their classmates weren't well informed. Anyone with brainwaves could see these kids weren't really interested or vested in the process. Whereas the children who were fisherman showed knowledge and a personal interest in the process.

As for the teacher who is teaching them drivel... shame on them.
"All I got was a rock"
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Jim Day Wrote:
Originally Posted by Grego [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Owner/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/msoclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG]
I like being blamed for things... reinforces my character of being an asshole, I enjoy that Don can vouch for that.
I bet he can... let's just say we all have our fields of expertise [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Owner/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/msoclip1/01/clip_image002.gif[/IMG]
Originally Posted by Grego [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Owner/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/msoclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG]
you hurt my feelings....and I thought the BT did a pretty good job the last couple of years
Funny I thought he was talking about guys that fish Malibu not Baytubers, and actually just echoing something one of your guys recently posted on another board:
Bubblehide writes (thatís me): Actually Jim, your right on the money. I donít consider the Baytubers guys to be the Malibu guys; after all, isnít Baytubers and Orange County thing?

Jim Day Wrote:
Originally Posted by Someone you know from Baytubers
For the record I put as much passion into saving Malibu as I did RP, LJ, etc etc But lets be honest there just was not the show of force from the Malibu area at the meetings Too few were fighting the closures at Malibu and the results are in part do to that fact.

The following is from me, Bubblehide:
Bellcon/Don didnít you post the above?
I know you like drama, but this a little ridiculous. If I wanted to talk about bay tubers I would have simply named it. But to extrapolate Bay Tubers from what I wrote is obviously attempting to incite others against me. I could not have come up with a better example of the divide and conquer technique used by you; but I honestly would have thought it would have come from the enviro-terrorist side; not from the side I support. I would honestly prefer that we all stick together here and be respectful of differing opinions, instead of creating an environment of exclusion and attempts at ostracizing individuals that donít happen to say something you approve of (despite it being ok for some people to state, i.e., Don)

Jim Day Wrote:
I think many of the guys that fish Malibu think of Baytubers as kind of an Orange county, San Pedro, harbor fishing crowd, and they think of Malibu fisherman as the LA surf launching crowd. There is some basis for that: I mean Baytubers with all their tournaments never had one in Malibu as far as I know, and they certainly did not have one at the bigger well known breaks like County Line where Bubblehide likes to fish..

I mean you can pretend Bubblehide was attacking Baytubers if you want to, and take offense at his comments for whatever reason you want, but it's not how it reads, and it doesn't make much sense.

I like Baytubers, think they helped in the MLPA and appreciate that. I have recommended countless people to Kiyos site, and his tournaments but I will say that from time to time it seems like some of your guys want to pretend that people who are not in with you, or part of your group are somehow bad people, or out to hurt your organization.

Maybe your just trying to rally your troops, or get your guys fired up but I'd say that just pushes others away when it comes to issues like the MLPA.

At any rate I'd say it's pretty obvious Bubblehide was not attacking Baytubers or their track record when it comes to the MLPA and perhaps as Paul said: you guys might be better off saving that ire for the other side.

Just my take though.

Bubblehide writes (thatís me)::
Yeah Jim, you read me correctly, I just wish everyone had your level of comprehension.

Grego Stated:
I like being blamed for things...builds and reinforces my character of being an asshole, I enjoy that[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Owner/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/msoclip1/01/clip_image003.gif[/IMG] Don can vouch for that.

bubble you hurt my feelings....and I thought the BT did a pretty good job the last couple of years, hmmmmmmmfffff...fine then. As Cabojohn would say "I'm taking my ball and going home then...." and and and...we not going to buy pizza for the meetings no mo either! well..maybe for the spearos since they buying AGAIN!! wooo hoo!

Bubblehide writes (thatís me):
Well Grego, either you have a wicked sense of humor, which I can appreciate. But just in case your serious and I did hurt your feelings: One of the reasons I took my screen name ďBubblehideĒ is because of the typical internet attacks, put downs, insultsÖand me taking it all in stride, not being overly sensitive, not being sucked into false attacks by others; and lastly, being able to take something like this and letting it by the next day, just as I will do with this little tat. Actually Baytubers and itís members have done an outstanding job; Iím sure they will continue to do so, with or without you and your ball. But hopefully you (as I think you do), have the fortitude to go to the meeting despite your hurt feelings. Baytubers is a pretty good group of some pretty tough guys, that I doubt will back down from oversensitive feelings being hurt. After all, the enviro-terrorist have done far worse than tickle your sensitive feelings like I have (with Donís misguided help); and I seriously doubt they (the enviro-terrorist) will ever get enough from this MLPA process to ever stop. The fact is that this will be a continuing battle that will drag on for years to come. And as such, we as a fishing community need to create an environment of inclusion, rather than exclusion. But if you and others wish to continue to bash me, attempt to make be back away from the MLPA fight, so be it; but good luck with that. But while your continuing to bash me (if you chose to do so), Iíll be out hunting the Sierras for the next couple of weeks.

To everyone else: I felt a need to respond to this veiled attack, I hope it was constructive and brings to light some behaviors that are simply not conducive to our part of the MLPA battle. Unfortunately I will not be able to make this upcoming meeting, as we fishermen would benefit from an exceptionally good turnout. So go to the meeting if possible, if not try and get a family member/friend to show up and cede time on our behalf, and give um hell!

Well, the above is what I had written in response, and would have posted in a timely manner if that site had not had problems, along with me being out of town. Anyway, here it is.
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