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Coyote the trickster
by Makobob
Th natives of the SouthWest and northern Baja called the coyote "trickster". Many stories abound about coyote. Maybe I will tell one later. For now let us look into his way of life.

Born in a den or cave, raised by a pack they are a social animal. In the early spring mom usually drops 3-5 pups. Only a couple will survive to adulthood. If the spring is wet their lives will be easier that first summer. Food will be plentiful making life moore livable.

When there is not much rain in the spring then life is hard. Food is scarce and starvation is a real concern for the pups. This year it was wet, giving the pups a good chance of survival. Mice, snakes, lizards, and insects are all having a banner year. The jack rabbits thrive in wet years, making good coyote food.

On most summer evenings in the desert silence you might hear the pack on the hunt. A howl or yap here and there in the cool evening air. The sounds pick up intensity as the pack closes in on the intended victim. When a kill has been made everyone knows about it.

Howling and yapping, the sounds carry for miles in the dry desert air. The whole desert knows the pack will eat tonight. Life is good in the pack. The pups fall asleep chasing food in their dreams, bellies full.

As the summer progresses towards fall hunting is getting harder. Still lots of mice and small stuff to eat but the rabbits are getting smarter and harder to catch. The pack is hungry and needs meat. Time for the trickster to return.

Mom is now coming into heat. She boldly walks toward camp, smelling his presence. He too knows she is there. Ready for him, but not sure of herself. He follows her into the desert evening.

The pack is near, watching. He mounts her, quickly it is over. And then the pack attacks, the sounds of the kill echo in the desert. The pack will eat well tonight. In the spring maybe HIS pups will strengthen the pack. The trickster again has shown its true colors.

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