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New Yak Fisherman!!

Hey everyone my name is chris im from Ventura and ive been on this site for a while just checking out peoples catches and kayaks and waiting for my chance to get a kayak and to catch fish like all of you. So about a week ago i finally found a kayak on craigslist, a hobie mirage sport and got it for $500. What you guys think good deal? It was kept all stock so i got to make it my own. Ive been having trouble sleeping cause i want to keep working on it and add more and more. But ive tried my best to keep it as simple as possible. Let me know what you guys think and if any one fishes up here in ventura or even santa barbara maybe you could show me the ropes or give me good tips. Sorry pictures sucks but hopefully soon i can get good pics of me on the yak with a huge fish in my hands!
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Looks great man. Welcome to your new addiction.

Sounds like the boat was a great deal, especially since it was still a virgin hull.
And it looks like you already got bit the the modding bug.

Take the sport out a few times int he surf with no gear, some warm clothing, probably even a wetsuit and play in the surf. Learn how the boat works. Since it's smaller you may find it a little tipsy but once you get the hang of it you should be ok.

My other suggestion would be to try and fabricate the rod holders to the bait tank to conserve on space. It will also be one less thing for your line to get caught on when you're trolling or a bait swims around your stern.

Other than that. Keep it up. Modding can get addicting and it's good you want to keep it simple. Every time I go out I think of another cool thing to do to my yak but it's one more thing to worry about.

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Hey thanks Drake! Yeah been wanting to take it out for a test ride but weather hasnt been too great. But once it gets better i'll be out there for sure!! Yeah cant stop thinking on what else i can do but gonna try and take it easy on that, since i havent even tested it out yet. Ive kayaked before but new to the hobie mirage drive so i need to learn how to use it. I'll keep in mind about the rod holders too. Thanks for the tips!!!
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Practice first!

Hey man congrats. I second Drakes advice. Don't take anything with you the first time you head out to the Shores. I had the Sport last year for about a week and went out to LJ not knowing anything. I did not have my gear strapped down and lost about $400 in stuff. The boat is small and can easily roll while coming in. Tie down everything!!! After that I traded it back for a Quest cause of space and stability concerns. I am sure a month from now you will be reaching for the credit card to buy an Outback or Pro Angler, as this is an Extremely addicting and obsessive hobby I just got into kayak fishing last year and just picked up my Pro Angler yesterday. Had I not been awake for 40 straight hours I would be in the water right now trying it out. Hope you have a blast with your new toy. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal.
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Congrats~!!! Nice yak!!

Yes, most important: leash everything & wear PFD, even tho i haven't flip yet, but i know i will, soon or later...lol
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PDF is one of the most important thing!!
I've seen way to many posts of people drowning recently
make sure to leash or at least clip your rods in and tackle
Remember There are Many Fish in the Sea
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I had the one in the pic with a 60lb WSB for 4 years & let me tell you, is a great kayak a little lack of space but I live with it (no bait tank)
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