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Catalina trip 3/22/2021. Long, w/pic.

My friend Ken Jones and I were there from Monday the 22nd to Wednesday the 24th. We had members of Pier Fishing In California (PFIC) join us on Wednesday to meet and fish with us.
As to my catch, I had some small fish and one good size Opaleye. The small fish released and Opaleye was given to another angler, who was not doing too well catching them. After a suggestion to hid his hook with peas, he caught at least one fair size Opaleye.

I was targeting bonito most of the time. My Turkish friends know how to prepare them. However, bonito was a no show for various reasons.

I also tried for sheephead, but with exception of one short one, it was nothing to write home about.
Similarly, the Opaleye was also tight lipped.

We left the Long Beach landing of Catalina Express at 6:30 AM and started to fish at the Mole, soon as we landed about an hour later.

1-The Famous Queen Merry is docked at Long beach and has been repainted and looks good.

2-The round dome shaped building was where the famous Spruce Goose used to be kept before it was moved. It was the
wood plane that Howard Hughes build for WWII, but never was used.

3-Now it is the terminal for Carnival Cruises ships.

4-Fortunetly for me who gets seasick very easily, the crossing was very smooth due to calm channel.

5-As usual we had variety of weather, from no wind to uncomfortable gusts. At this point of our arrival, it was very calm.

6-I setup at my usual spot; the north corner. There were only two other anglers fishing for a while, then it was only me and the Skipper.

7-Now, as the wind sock indicates, the wind has picked up.

The small craft advisory flag was up about 95% of the time that we were on the island. For a brief period when we arrived it was taken down.

8-This was my new item for pier fishing. The hinged “door” keeps the birds from stealing the bait. The bucket full of water (for washing hands and thawing frozen bait) adds weight

The cutting board and the bait container also are tied to the railing with leashes to prevent loss due to “accidental overboard”!

9-The Island is more relaxed about the Covid-19 case. Now the various boats that take visitors for sightseeing are once again in operation. Apparently everyone on the island is vaccinated.

After underwater tour is over, as before, they allow passengers to get on deck for fresh air, while they go faster toward their docks.

10-Another addition to my gear. Helps me pick up trash, fishing line, etc. left by @#$^inconsiderate anglers.

Also it prevents me from having to bend down to pick up anything that I dropped.
A telescopic magnet was another great tool for picking up hooks.

11-As part of improving the surface condition of the Mole, this work was done.
It was in a respond to a large lawsuit.

Funny how the cuts were zigzag.
According to the lead workman, it was cheaper to cut like that.
Hard to believe.

12-This was our first time staying at the Seacrest Inn.
They have a roof area for the guests that looks really a nice place to have meals, etc.

Please note: I have no connection to the hotel. Information provided are for those who may be interested in staying there. I am trying to establish a relationship, so we can get discount. Thus, it would be useful to let them know that you are with Pierfishing. com, ken Jones, or Hashem Nahid. Should you decide to stay there.

13-The ocean views.

14-One big concern I have is the proximity of the electrical wires to the railing.

15-That is 240 volts between the two black cables.

16-While fishing at the Mole, a group of fireman showed up.

I found out that they were there to send-off a (32) year veteran paramedic who was retiring.

17-There were three boats shooting water in his honor.

18-Once more the wind picked up.

19-The pesky pelican showed up for a while as well.

20-The name “mole” is short for Cabrillo Mole.

Per Wikipedia: Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo (Portuguese: Joko Rodrigues Cabrilho; 1499 – January 3, 1543) was an Iberian maritime explorer best known for investigations of the West Coast of North America, undertaken on behalf of the Spanish Empire. He was the first European to explore present-day California, navigating along the coast of California in 1542–1543.

21-At times it was perfect conditions for catching bonito on the surface, but they were not around.

I tried deep and surface rigs with no avail.

22-With the wind from my back, I was able to cast much further than facing the wind. That helped me cover more grounds for bonito and other fish, but no takers.

23-Finally at very windy conditions, we packed to get ready for the 6:30 departing boat.

I had to be very careful to keep items blowing into water. I only lost a foam float and a Velcro strap.

It was nice to meet other PFIC members and spend some time talking to them.

The ride home was smooth as well.

The End.
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