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Happy Halloween

What a beautiful day it turned out to be. Little wind and bright sunshine. Surf did not materialize as wetsand had predicted. As Iceman predicted plenty of tp in the restrooms and the lights were even turned on. 1,800 yds in the pool and a trip to Hubbs to show my kids the cool brood stock. As it seems our moderator is on an extended to trip to the Bahamas with Billy V I decided to go ahead and calculate my own point total update.

With a 22 pound Yellowtail caught on an iron submitted last month worth 37 points so I should be up to 199 thru Sept and with 43 points for this month my unoffical total should be 242. If Wade did not find any takers for the candy bars I gave him we may have to duke it out over the next couple months for fourth as Don seems to have thrid wrapped-up. We if we go back and add my March and May late submittals my unoffical unoffical point total is 347 so Don and I may have duke it out for bragging rights thrid as well.

Since we are on the subject of rules and submittions I really think allowing submissions of all three species each month makes a lot of sense and helps eleviate the emphasis on flat fish that the current scoring system includes. As Greg's current video submissions illustrates flat fishing is quite a placid undertaking and giving a 10 lb flattie the same points as 20 lb Yellowtail that acutally might drag you ass around for a 5 or 10 mintes and spash you a few times when you try to gaff on the thrid or fourth try it does not make sense to me to have those two fish worth the same points. Fishing flatties in the middle of the day in a clam bay is not quite as interesting and challenging as launching thru the surf in the dark and fighting a WSB in the dark. Hopefully, I have bored the BD trollers into moving back to the Chargers highlights and off this extended post.

I am actually serious about multi-species submissions for next year.

Okay, so hopefully they are gone. 42 lb. WSB, 51" male with an empty belly and well bled at sea. Caught on the old candy iron combo off the only place I know how to fish. 4 reserach vessels out this am, no Pbers and no yaks untill a couple guys including Wade came out after the research vessels shut off thier lights. Wade if you have made it this far, if you are planning to meet a fishierman at the launch and you see a truck with a "turn in your WSB heads" bumper sticker on it parked in the frist spot you might consider that your partner for the day might already be out to sea. Sorry about the mix-up but you might keep your phone turned on as well, I called twice and almost lost my phone to the squirts.




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