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The tide was low in the morning & the bite was slow with overcast skies till Baja_Travelers amazing lunch break feast he graciously prepared for everyone. I almost cracked after thirty years of not eating meat the brine swine smelled so amazing.
After lunch & everyone fed, I really tightened the screws and went to town..Rippin' and a tearin' Spottys all over Coronado with a great bunch of guys and girls. Jarrods' Ma earned first fish & the biggest catch of the day. WTG Denise! Winds picked up after 1pm making for some minimal chop out on the bay. I landed a pile of Spottys for this prestigious event held specifically in their honor. Meeting Big Ben hands down was my greatest highlight of the day. He is only three, but describing this amazing gifted young man is beyond words.
(It was great meeting his Ben's Dad too, thanks for the spare loaner!)
A huge thanks goes out to Jarrod for helping to put the final pieces together. Big thanks to Paul Lebowitz for dropping off his latest & greatest 'Kayak Fish' magazine to hit our planet. Big Thanks to Z-Man for providing everyone with amazing tackle & the best swimbaits on the market. Thanks to Mike from TackleWebs out of Miami, & thanks again to everyone who came out to fish & enjoy a beautiful day!
C.K.F.S. / Wade

Not K.C. Masterpiece.. Kai's Masterpiece!

Mom & son.
(Timestamp date is off - by a couple hours on the three early morning images fyi)

Dad & son.

Tying Palomars before his shoe laces.

TackleWebs on site.

Some of the angrier ones on over thirty Spottys I wrenched in yesterday late afternoon. (C&R)


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Those are some fat spotties Wade.
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A fun time was had by all!

Can't wait for the next get together - I'm thinking next weekend I'll hit the outer beds off La Jolla and harvest some nice kelp and make my custom pickled kelp relish to go with hot links (veggie links for you wade!). It'll take three weeks to properly pickle, so I'll be ready for next time with something new!
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That looked like a great time! I wish I could have stayed for the fun. Really nice spots Wade.
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Looks like another great day on the water w/ families and friends!
Palomar knots before shoe laces...priceless indeed.
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I like it!
”The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”
~Thomas Jefferson.........maybe
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Old 04-29-2013, 11:23 PM   #7
Cbad Mike
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Nice post Wade. Looks like it was a good time.
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It's been a dozen years since, "Fish and Tacos", was held there, but it looks like this was done up right!
What a great looking event!
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What a toad!
Nice job Wade
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It was a fun time out there. We missed a lot of you guys out there. Let's get things like this together more often so we can have some fun on the water, joke around, catch some fish, eat some great food and make new friends. This IS what a lot of us got into kayaking for right?

My mom did indeed hook up on the big one. She (we) got pulled by a HUGE mud marlin. She had her Lexa 300 locked down on 22lbs drag and that barely slowed it down. It took 4 or 5 runs before we got it to the boat to cut loose. We definitely got a new fisherwoman hooked on that catch! Watch out LJ!

Chris, I have your lunchbox. PM me!
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