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Saba Slayer
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Battle of the Bays Results...

Dave Brown is going to Cedros for 4 days...
Tony Park won not only the $500 Bass division 1st place prize but also won the Rockfish division prize too (a Penn Fathom Reel)...Derwin Chang was second and won the Baja Fish Gear $250 cert. ...Fred Santiago won the biggest Bass prize (a Hookup Bait selection)...and Aaron Smith won the biggest Calico Bass prize which was 2 "One Cool Tuna" CNC Jigs.
Biggest Fish was a 11.5 lbs halibut caught by Jay S worth almost $400.... I heard that someone named Greg lost a big Yellowtail that could have won the Big Fish...!
Biggest Rockfish caught on an AHI rig was caught by Allan and he won an AHI jig selection.
Everyone seemed to have a great time and lunch was really tasty again.
Anybody ready for next year...?
Thanks to all that supported the CCA CAL in our first tournaments.,.and THANKS to BWE for supporting the CCA CAL and allowing me to post on this awesome site about our fundraising tournaments...
Thanks Brent, Adi, and Andy...
I'm Beat.......and I'm outta here...I'll be falling asleep to the sound of a waterfall at Silver Lake tomorrow night....Thanks to all that helped make these tournaments successful!
Jim / Saba Slayer

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Thank you Jim!

I'm glad it's over for you too! Have fun up in the sierras!
There's nothing colder than yesterday's hotdog.
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That Tony Park was an imposter! The real Tony Park
is stuck in June Lake with a broken down engine, eating
miniature Lake Bugs, and is avoiding detection by ICE!
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Thank you for all your hard work and dedication for putting on this event!
Jim, you, Wayne Koto, volunteers, sponsors and the folks at the KHYC did a wonderful job of hosting the tournament
Congrats to all the winners. With the weather and conditions, you really had to earn it and your plan had to work out for you.
From the looks of the raffle barrow, CCA raised a few $ from this event
Had a great time!
Thank you again, Scott

Not as much of a Noob w/a PA12
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