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Ocean Prowler 15 + Kayatank + Garmin 498

It's a fully rigged 15' Ocean Prowler with:
Kayatank (professionally installed),
Garmin 498 GPS TruMap/ Sonar,
Airmar high sensitivity dual transducer,
RAM mounting bracket system,
Scotty flush mount accessory holder,
2-12 volt, 10 batteries and Pelican battery cases,
4 flush rod holders,
2 removable rocket launchers,
milk crate w/ quick release snap holders,
and tons of good fishing karma.
This boat has caught a lot of fish in LJ.
I'm selling b/c I haven't been out for a long time and don't have the time like I used to.
It's got lots of straps and rigging equip to hold a milk crate, gaf, paddle, etc.
I bought in 2004 and it's pretty much still in perfect shape.
The boat has ALWAYS had a real good fresh water wash down after EVERY trip, stored in a garage, and been well maintained.
It's ideal for someone looking for a high-end fishing kayak totallly tweaked out and dialed in, but not wanting to buy it new.
The 15' Prowler is known for speed/range and can handle a bigger guy if necessary.
The Garmin 498 GPS/Sonar and accompanying transducer is a color screen system, has tons of features, and is a great setup for kayak fishing.
The kayatank is live baitwell built into your hull that gives you easy access to storing and retrieving bait.
I'm looking for a low-fair price and would really like to sell the whole setup quickly.
I've got way over 2500 into this boat.
Will let it go for 1k.
Just the kayatank and Garmin GPS/FF and transducer would cost way over a grand if you added it to any other kayak.
This pix shows the layout of the deck and the RAM mount

This pix shows the Garmin 498 mounted w/ protective cover.

This pix shows the installation of the power and transducer cables through deck.

This pix shows display of GPS page with speed and course. It has hightech software preloaded showing underwater cartography of ocean including depth, type of bottom, canyons etc. Can provide arial and 3-d views. It's a really a high tech system for any boat, especially a kayak.

This pix shows split screen capability of GPS and sonar. It is showing location of my house and depth of zero b/c it's on my driveway. The Airmar cup transducer is a dual cone, high power transducer that gives a way more detail than standard transducer.
Shows wiring installation inside front hatch. It is set up as 2 distinct circuits for 2 batteries for maximum battery life. Can easily fish all day w/ 2 10 amp batteries because Kayatank has timer built in and Garmin has 3 power settings (LED brightness). If you want, you could re-wire for 1 battery b/c Kayatank has a lead already installed for a FF.

Another pix showing wiring below deck and transducer.

Batteries and boxes included in deal.

Detail pix showing some small, but well thought out rigging to secure gaff or paddle.

Pix showing how milk crate snaps on and off. Load it up the night before, snap in on at the beach in AM, and you're off.

This pix shows how kayak COULD be loaded up w/ six rods, seat, etc, but I am not selling that gear.

This shows the gear included in the sale (batteries loaded into kayak).
I also have the manuals for everything (I"m that kind of guy).

PM me with any questions or call 858-752-3520
that's why they call it fishing
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it's gone.
that's why they call it fishing
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