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During my thirty-five short years on this planet I've learned to embrace 'em. Without doldrums, we wouldn't be able to really appreciate our true passions in life. Without the bad, the good wouldn't be nearly as sweet, right?

We're truly blessed in Southern California, though. Have you been paying attention to the weather the past three months? The pumping surf? All thing's considered, even for a grump liked me---it doesn't get much better. And I apologize in advance if you've been locked up in a cubicle this Winter (if you could call it that!). After the last two years of inclement weather patterns I was beginning to forget why we pay so much to live here. This Winter made me feel like a kid again. I'm sure I'm not alone in that regard, either. The surf has been pumping for two months straight. The never-ending-sunshine has been relentless. The flag off the point has resembled a wet-sock on most days. The Whales have kept dark launches interesting to say the least, but, life's dangerous no matter how you choose to live it.

Not to mention, depending on who you talk to---the fish never left. The radio chatter has been kept to a minimum. For the most part the internet has been quiet as a Mouse, too. Boats and kayaks have been playing nice, working together on most bites that I was blessed to witness. I'm guessing a direct result of the, 'quiet as a mouse', anthem. Which, regardless of how you feel about the subject (pro-posting or not) is, no doubt, something we've all benefited from. And if you feel otherwise, please: go catch a monster, take a picture, write your own post and preach all you want. After all, it's a public forum; I'm in no way telling anyone how to live their life---so do as you wish! If you're somewhat optimistic and have a smidgin of imagination, though, it's easy to pretend like the good 'ol days never left.

Big a$$ fish and waves to match aside, the sunsets alone have been worth the price of Southern California living. I'm blessed. I realize that. Having an opportunity to watch a few hundred sunsets a year is part of my minuscule pay. They're called sun-dollars. And while they won't feed you when your old, they'll keep you young. Well, that's what I keep telling myself anyway. Watching that ball drop over the Pacific Ocean never gets old.

Some are more special than others. Like any fish report: always up to speculation, though. You might think this sunset kind of sucks. Maybe it's not your cup of tea. Notice the giant-barrel of gold in the sky, though? I was mind-surfing this thing until dark!

And since this is the fishing reports section---here's another dead fish. I'm not too sure how a dead fish is going to help you catch one, but take this photo for what it's worth. Whether it makes your coffee taste that much better, or set your alarm to chase a trophy of your own, is up to you. For me, it sums up the Winter that made me feel like a kid again. Solitude for the taking. Ridiculous weather that just won't quit. And enough swell to make the decision to fish or not, tough to say the least.

Any day above ground is a good one, but like that sunset above---some days are better than others.
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AWESOME POST!: notworthy:
”The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”
~Thomas Jefferson.........maybe
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Palm Frond Fish Guy
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Beautiful sunset! oh nice fish too!
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Nothing short of spectacular.....
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This post is a good one and I believe, all of us, can take something from it, in a profound way. The "sunset" picture is takin' from a perspective that only a kayaker can appreciate, sure you would be able to see the sun go down from the comfort of a nice personal, party type boat, or a beach somewhere, and appreciate it just the same, however, the effort that we all put in to getting the yak ready, preparing the gear, getting the group together, and the paddle out to get a chance to witness this daily "wonder" makes them all that much more beautiful.
A monster YT, or PB halibut, or even a day when you just can't make anything stick, it all seems that much better after all is said and done.
We should all be greatful for the opportunities that we have here on a fairly consistant day to day basis, some of us get out alot,
some of us get out alot in our minds, but the fact remains, we get out and do it, no matter how many times we come back empty handed, or spend hours filleting and packaging our prizes after a 8 hour day of kayak bliss.
If you really stop and think about it, it probably doesn't get much better than this...thank you for the post Darkhorse nice job
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Don't you just hate when there is no place to sit in your PA but the top of the backrest on your seat? Josh, impressive is just too big an understatement in describing you.
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For now I will just say:
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Kayak BOOT
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You still have my seat, right Josh? I'm comming down in March to get it....so you better be free.
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great post as always

i was wondering when you were going to humble us again.
i did get out friday and it was great! work has had me land lock for the last couple months except for a couple runs out in the bay, so this weekend was a real treat.
i know what i did wrong so it wasnt a total loss. still trying and learning
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Hey look there is my dumb ass in the background halibut fishing....
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That was a good day

Everytime I see this post: 'Anybody want to help a newbie?'

I think: There's a guy that's going to waste two years doing it wrong. The expertise and coaching you need to get dialed in is there for you at unbelievablly low prices.

Of course you also have to 'just go'. I just went on this particular day and had my 2nd best fishing day ever. Also, for the record, before someone starts yelling at Josh for keeping two many fish, a couple of those are mine that he was carrying because there was an angry sea lion that would have jumped right onto my adventure. Josh was mostly practicing CPR.
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You are a-maz-ing.

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Awesome sunset pic!!!! not bad fish pics either . Makes me want to go fish unfortunately though I'm off to the Sierra's for a week. Got to love California! Way to live Darkhorse!
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CEO of Team Roby
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It never gets old.....awesome!!!!
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Captain of the Sea Shepar
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Only 4 Tuna's?
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Kevin C.
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Thanks Darkhorse for reminding me why it cost so much to live in San Diego.
Great report.
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The Kid
Loves Surface Irons
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Haha! Amazing load you got there. There's so much in there the "boat" is sinking. Congrats grumpy kid ! to an epic day!
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can't wait!
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^^^^That POS post up above HAS to be violating some BWE board code. Can't have SPAM sigs mucking up the spacing and messing with the display of quality fish report photos.
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I concur, Pal...

Between The Kid's sig-line and Sea Shepard's---I'm getting dizzy! I kid, I kid.

Really though, Paul, like the Winter doldrums I've learned to embrace Sea Shepard's, too.

How many times have we seen this kind of stuff? It's classic! : you can smell the fresh stamp of the new membership (bogus screen-name and message attached), calling Jacks, um, Tuna? The giant save a tree is funny; you've got to admit that. Either way, if anything, his message will only draw more attention to the post---thus more Tuna (?) will be killed. With that extra traffic, I'll only get more clients---and a couple hundred more Tuna (?) will be killed this season.

I just want to know how every new guy on the board has a bigger sig-line than me!
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